13 august 2007

Supporting Success and Productivity

IMHE "What Works" Conference 2007:
"Higher education is going through a period of unprecedented change. Institutions are under pressure to improve quality, increase efficiency and open up access. Internationalisation, accountability and engagement are expected of them. As they compete for reputation, funding and students, they are increasingly competing for the highly-skilled faculty and staff who have choices about where to work.
Successful institutions are able to attract, retain, and motivate the best and brightest teaching faculty and researchers, and are supported by excellent technical and administrative personnel, maintenance staff, and a range of other workers. Thus, they need to understand and address:
* the positive impact on performance that highly-motivated staff can make;
* the cost of unwanted turnover, sickness-absence, and drains on productivity;
* policies and practices that affect recruitment, retention, and performance."