18 juni 2007

Higher Education Close-up 4

Higher Education Close-up 4 conferance 26-28 June 2008:
"the Higher Education Close Up (HECU) Conference has distinguished itself among conferences with a focus on higher education for its interest in research methodology, in particular qualitative approaches which afford ‘fine-grained’ analysis of higher education practices. Over the three conferences themes have included: assessment, academic literacies, professional development, management and change, quality assurance and the student experience.

Consistent with this focus, HECU 4 is an opportunity to reflect upon higher education research from a theoretical and methodological perspective. The conference will offer critical overviews of research on each of the selected themes, extracting the key theoretical and methodological influences on this research, and mapping out some productive avenues for future research.

The Themes for HECU 4 are: (a) improving student learning; (b) professional development; (c) curriculum engagement; (d) institutional change"

"The call for abstracts will go out end of October 2007 with proposals due by the end of January 2008."